Forex Market Players

Forex Market Players

The forex market is a global market where investors trade with various currency pairs. Known for its liquidity, it also provides investors with an immense daily trading volume with the most competitive bid compared to other markets. But who exactly are the biggest forex market players in the market?

Forex Market

The forex market is the largest financial market with over $5 trillion in daily trades. It is inhabits several firms such as brokerages and banks which perform the said activity.

Major Currencies

In the forex market, you can choose to follow only eight major currencies. These are rather the best forex market players at the time being. This is already an advantage because in the stock market, you will follow a lot. But in this, you are only focusing on the best ones. The following currencies are considered to be the majors of the forex market:

  • United States
  • Eurozone
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom
  • Switzerland
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

These are not only major currencies, but also the countries which have the most global economic impact.  Any economic factors will always affect the overall value of a certain currency. More so, the value could also decline if a certain occurrence brings a negative effect on the economy.

Additionally, the economic data released by these countries are the ones being mostly followed by investors.  This serves as their daily basis when making a decision with their trades.

Biggest Forex Market Players

If you were to eliminate some countries from the list above, United States should remain. This is because that the US Dollar is the biggest player in the market. It holds 85% of the all the trades.

You would also want to focus on Euro as well. This currency is also one of the best performing ones out of all the majors. It holds 39% of all the trades.

Lastly, you would also want to trade with Japan’s Yen. The Yen holds 19% of all the total trades which makes it another big contender in the market.

When trading forex, it is important that you know about its measurements. That is the purpose of pips. More so, you should also consider looking at the movements as it can also factor the overall trades.

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