Pips in Forex Trading

Pips in Forex Trading

Most traders probably heard of the term pips.  But what does it actually mean in Forex Trading? Or perhaps, what is its function?

To explain, a pip is a tiny measure of change within a certain currency pair in the forex market. The term is actually an acronym for “percentage in point” or “price interest point”. This is normally equal to at least a one basis point.

Pips became a huge part in forex trading. It has proved to be a beneficial measurement to traders active in the market.

Pips have helped a lot traders already as understanding the true nature of it definitely comes with benefits. By knowing the movements, traders can manage and edit their strategies before entering the market.

Value of Pips

Pips indicate the change of values within two currency pairs. Usually, these are the last decimal place of a certain quotation.

For example, if  USD/CHF indicated a move from 0.8704 to 0.8105, then the 0.00001 difference is the pip.


Fractional Pip also exists in the forex market but they’re mostly termed as Pipettes.  Pips are four decimal points. Pipettes on the other hand are five, allowing traders to have tighter spreads.

As an example, say that the EUR/GBP moved from 0.94294 to 0.94285. The 0.00001 difference is one pipette.

Importance In The Forex Market

In the forex market, the value of pips differ. It mostly depends on the lot size.

To add, the difference between a bid and a pip is called the spread. Brokers use spread to profit as normally, they don’t collect commissions.

Furthermore, traders profit with the help of such. When investors generates positive ones, then they’re profiting generally. Conversely, if a trader gathers negatives, then he or she is rather losing.

More so, traders use pips to reference gains and/or losses.

Pips are the most fundamental unit of measure in forex trading. Traders should know how to determine such in order to determine profits.

Say a traders reveals that he was able to garner 70 pips. This means that he profited 70 times within a certain trade. The more that investors know about such, the more advantageous they can become with forex trading.

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